Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nov 2: probably the most incredible week that has ever happened

Well everyone, Trenčin is exploding.

Sister Parsons and I are more than excited to be back together. I think that I have a partially sore and dry throat because I have not stopped talking since last monday. It is really the most incredible thing. I am consistently confused about how we have now been together for how long? and never run out of things to talk about.

I have just got to say that this week has been nothing short of miraculous. Tuesday morning came around and we said our prayer and set out onto the street to contact for a half an hour before district meeting. Well, the first people who stopped on the street was a wonderful married couple and their little year old daughter. They asked us to walk with them for a few minutes so obviously we did, and had a really great conversation. They promptly invited us to come visit them in their home on friday night.

We were crying tears of joy.

Not only that, but on that day we found another investigator, who came to her second meeting and when we prayed she pointed to her chest and said she felt it in there and was sure it was a good feeling.

Plus, we have been finding left and right and I really cannot tell you what it is, but everyone on the street seems to be stopping. Literally everyone. We feel like the most popular people in Trenčin!

We stopped a man carrying a sink.
He was overjoyed and said that the missionaries had visited him before in the past, and he was like "WRITE MY PHONE NUMBER DOWN!! COME TO MY HOUSE!!!"
We apparently had no choice but to write his number down and set up another appointment with him and his family.

We stopped a YSA boy on the street. After talking with us, he realized that we actually already had
his phone number in our phone, so he promised to come to another meeting.

We planned to find a mom wearing some sort of fur. As we were talking with people, Sister Parsons sees a woman with her daughter and feels really strongly that we need to go out of our way to talk to them. So, we beeline to them and immediately start a conversation, and the mom nearly shouts, "Literally two minutes ago I was just telling my daughter that I needed to buy a book about angels!!!"

We pulled out the Book of Mormon and told her we give it away for free. She was laughing so hard because she was so amazed. She really was convinced that this was NOT a coincedence, it was just way too weird. As she walked away, we realized that she had a huge fur coat on!

We had a wonderful time this week painting a childrens park in Trenčin with our members. It got a little sketchy because now apparently it gets dark at 5, and our members didnt get off work until 4, so about half way through the painting we could not really see what we were painting anymore, but it was still so much fun! I love our members. They were just basically recruiting all of the little kids at the park to paint with us and to as well hear about the gospel. They are better missionaries than we are!

Then we got to visit our cute family that we met on tuesday. They were probably the most perfect little family ever! Their entire apartment looked like something straight out of IKEA, and they were so darling. Sister Parsons basically taught their little one year old while I shared the message of the restoration with this cute young couple. It was probably one of the best experiences I have had on my mission! I have been praying to teach families stronger than ever and I know the Lord answers prayers when our desires are in the right place!

THEN it was halloween, and Slovaci do not really celebrate Halloween. Well they do not celebrate it.
but they do celebrate All saints day, which was probably one of the coolest experiences ever! They go to all of their ancestors graves-they travel all around slovakia to get to them- and they clean them all up and leave flowers and light fancy candles all around them. It is the most beautiful thing! it is really an interesting holiday because they go to the cemetary and pray for their ancestors. In the Catholic religion, they believe in something called the očistec (sister parsons is telling me this is purgatory), where after you die, you suffer for all your sins there. SO on this holiday especially, everyone (many times whether they even believe in God or not) takes these candles and prays for their ancestors to be strong while suffering for all their sins. I was a little sad that they did not have all the knowledge that we do about life after this life. How lucky we are to know that all of us, who has lived and who ever will life, WILL live again! And only because of Christ. The spirit was really strong in the cemetary, and I was grateful that although maybe many of the doctrinal pieces of knowledge were missing, God still cares about and loves all of His children.

Also, Sister Parsons bought me a giant kinder egg for halloween because she is kind.

There was a dog outside our window barking so obnoxiously on halloween during studies, and I had made really good waffles for breakfast, so I threw him a waffle off of our three story building and he stopped barking.

Well, that is all! I just want to emphasize again how incredibly grateful I am for the plan of salvation! I am so grateful to know that we will all be resurrected, and that we will all have the opportunity to be exalted. I am grateful that the gospel makes sense--for everyone! It is not a church only for certain people. But it is a church for anyone who wants to become better and wants to continue to progress. I am grateful for Jesus Christ, and am more and more grateful every day that we worship the Living Christ! That what comes after His crucifixtion is important, and sacred. I know it is true and I hope that more people can find that truth every day.

 5 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. 6 He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
waffles to contribute to the food part of my blog.
Dont worry it didnt have anything on it when I threw it to the dog.

S laskou,
sestra abbott

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