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November 16: heart growing three *more* sizes

survey in the rain
jaj. This week was probably the best week ever. Just when I think that I am so incredibly blessed that the Lord could not possibly give me more, he puts out his hand and is like "Pači sa. Here is more." I am seriously in awe on a day to day basis. The more my body seems to give up on me, the more the Lord puts right into my lap. I never quite feel deserving of all the happiness and love I feel all over. I am really coming to love these people more than anything else!

We had a real fantastic English class on Tuesday. There were just the most wonderful people who came! I think it was the biggest turnout Trenčin has seen for a long time. The mother that came last week brought her mom friend and our little high school students came and we had the most fun beginners class. Somehow we always end up talking about food, but no worries, the spiritual thought at the end was really great.

We had training in Bratislava this week! It was really so much fun. Sister Parsons and I trained and I
our zone
have never become so emotional about my mission. All of the elders are training in Slovakia right now (Except one companionship, who is follow up training), so literally half of the Slovak missionaries are three weeks old. I was feeling so old and felt like I was really staring at the future of my family! They are such a great bunch. And every time I get to talk about the Slovaks I realize how much I have learned from them and how much they have really changed me. Training was wonderful and I always love getting together and talking with everyone about Christ, and missions, and feel the spirit, and get pumped.

We had a great testimony building experience this week when we stopped this mother, and she full out turned on us, child in firm grip, and screamed in the middle of the street that she was roman catholic, and she was not changing, and that we were of the devil.

Well, this is not too abnormal, but we just had the most spiritual experience afterwards where we realized that we are totally disciples of Jesus Christ! I was going to go off about this but I feel lazy right now, but it is pretty great. Also, I just wish that everyone could have a chance to live in a country where everyone is catholic, because the more you learn about history, and about other churches, the more it really strengthens your testimony that yes, God does have a true church on the earth, and that so many people have been looking for it for so long and it is finally here!

Slovak Christmas Goodies
Okay, last thing, is that we taught the most incredible family yesterday. Literally was the best experience of my whole life. It just shows that people are prepared to receive the gospel at Gods pace! This older couple has been taught by the elders since 1990s, and the elders had kind of given up on them and went for dinner every couple transfers but never actually could teach them. They always just said they were catholic.
Well, remember the man with the sink? That is the husband!! So we go over to their house, and I think Sister Parsons and I felt more at home and happier than we ever have on our mission. They were so funny. They were talking about the Beatles, and CCR, and Pink Floyd, and John Lennon, then their son comes in and starts playing the saxophone incredibly and they start singing slovak folk songs with him, and sister parsons and I were dying. We just listened to them.

THEN, miraculously, they began to ask questions,

and more,

and more,

and before you knew it, we were teaching one of the most spiritual first lessons we have ever taught. They were so cute and asked us about 70 times when we were coming back again. Then when we were walking home, she even called because she wanted to make sure we were safe and still planning on calling that week.

I love these people! I was just about crying knowing that all those elders who taught them before were so guided by the spirit and helped them to receive this message. It is so amazing how God works.

Well, I just am grateful for everything. This might sound like a really naive generalization but I feel like I can safely say that right now.

Especially grateful for umbrellas.

Also, though I don't know much about what is happening in the world right now, it is obviously very
breakfast today (Sister parsons is teaching me french, so just preto)
scary, and people are paranoid, and I pray that those who are in distress will find comfort. I love Elder Bednars talk from a couple conferences ago, called "Therefore they hushed their fears"
I feel like it was by prophetic revelation that this talk was given.

Elder Bednar says,

"In our daily lives, endless reports of criminal violence, famine, wars, corruption, terrorism, declining values, disease, and the destructive forces of nature can engender fear and apprehension. Surely we live in the season foretold by the Lord: “And in that day … the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall fail them” (D&C 45:26)."

he continues,

"But can we hush the fears that so easily and frequently beset us in our contemporary world? The answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. Three basic principles are central to receiving this blessing in our lives: (1) look to Christ, (2) build upon the foundation of Christ, and (3) press forward with faith in Christ."

the rest of the talk can be found here

in English

aj po slovensky

love you all! have a great week!

sestra abbott

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