Monday, October 26, 2015

Oct 26: Busybodies

Hello! This week was completely insane!


We started off with an actually fantastic Pday. We had an apartment check on wednesday so we cleaned our entire apartment SO CLEAN because we knew we would be moving out on November first so we would have to get everything packed up and all.

On tuesday we ran down to Brno for a terrific zone conference. We talked a lot about being a successful missionary and goals, which are two of my most favorite things, so it was a really great time. It was weird because this week slovakia is getting 9 new missionaries this week and all of the elders are training except elder bednar so things are getting crazy! Of course, as sisters, I am not sure how much this affects us personally but it sure is exciting!

SO there is not a ton to email about this week, mainly because when we got back on tuesday night,
we cleaned up our apartment a little bit and went to bed. The next morning we woke up and cleaned a little bit more, and then the cottles came. Shortly afterwards we went to see our new apartment with our landlord to make sure everything was spick and span. So we are there, and it is all good and do da dandy, and then he turns to us and says he is going to call some guys to move our beds over and can we be back at our apartment in fifteen minutes to help them and I am standing there so confused questioning my language abitilies and whether I understood him right or not. So I say, well, if we moved our beds, then we would have to sleep here tonight. And hes like, yes. Not a problem?


So confused over here. Long story short, the next day we were out of our apartment and into the new one.

Our arms are sore.

Sister Ross last hurrah
The rest of the week was pretty great. We just lived out of our suitcases because we were waiting for transfer calls anyway, and we really love our new apartment. Between pulling out old rugs and taking down a hundred hooks, it is finally becoming a sister missionary apartment.

Trenčin has been so beautiful, with so many autumn trees and just greatness. People are all bundling up and we do likewise so that people think we will stay healthy.

In Košice this week, the most darling and strongest girl got baptized! She has been waiting for a very long time and she is the best person. We are so grateful for those people who are incredibly elect here in Slovakia. I feel like Slovaks are a lot like diamonds. They are all valuable--and some of them are not quite prepared yet. Some of them havent been through the heat and pressure that it takes in order to make a crystal diamond, but are in the ground waiting to become what the Lord wants. We see them and try to uncover them, and many of them are so close. Sometimes we can see little shards and glimpses of the diamond. Sometimes it is so close that there is a lot of effort that goes into finding the crystal in the rock--we never want to give up on hammering it and brushing it and cleaning it until we find the diamond inside! But there are a few rare cases--just like every diamond--where someone is found, a perfectly clear, formed diamond, ready to be cut to fit the ring of the gospel. This 18 zear old girl was one of those diamonds! And she adds tenfold to the value of the church in Slovakia and to the Lords Kingdom. We feel so incredibly grateful to be the people to associate with these that are the Lords Gems!

Lastly, Sister Ross and I had our last week together. We made the most delicious Slivkový Gul´ky
(Plum Balls/dumplings) with poppy seed and powdered sugar and contacted Trenčin to a pulp. She is so awesome and I am so grateful for her!

We got our transfer calls late on Saturday night. Sister Ross left to Bratislava this morning to be with Sister Russell and I get to stay here as STLs with Sister Parsons! There are always mixed feelings about transfers but I am certainly excited for this next holiday transfer.

PS In preparation for Christmas...

2 Corint. 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

s laskou,
sestra abbott

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