Tuesday, September 1, 2015

everyone should be excited!

Sister Wilson front left
Well, let me tell you, we have been back and forth, up and down, all over the world and back again. This week has been SO the best thing ever. On monday, I had the opportunity to serve with sweet sister wilson here in Trenčin. She is so sweet and is the best example for me of serving with love! I was sad I never got to serve for longer with her, but I was glad I got to be with her for her last couple days before she went home. We got ice cream and did a chalk display for a last hurrah. It was fantastic! She is so cute.

So luckily we got her bags all weighed and figured out and dragged them all over the place trying to get to Prague. I was happy I had a buddy on the train. I made an entire batch of mini chocolate chip muffins, and didnt have anything to put them in, so I put them in a garbage bag. So we ate muffins out of a (clean) garbage bag. hehehe

beautiful Prague at night

Anyway, so we finally got to Prague (late a little, our trains have serious problems), and I went to a
fantastic training for trainers with President and Sestra McConkie, and then we went to dinner with them and their family, which was also really fun, and then we ran home, and everything was crazy because Prague is GIANT and pretty and HUGE and really historical and REALLY REALLY GIGANTIC. Anyway we went on the subway and trams and busses and trains and I was altogether just getting pulled around by the Prague sisters. So that was really an adventure.

first halušky she has. She loves.

THEN I got to pick up little wonderful Sestra Ross! She is incredible! I am seriously so grateful for this girl. She was ready to be a Slovak misionarka from the first minute she stepped into the MTC. And the country. She works incredibly hard and is not afraid of anyone. She loves the work and loves the people and her faith has been carrying us all week!! We have had SO MANY MIRACLES. Also, everyone here calls her Sestra Ruža, Sestra Rose, and it is really cute.
I cannot even explain!! I will try.

1) On the train back from Prague, we never stopped talking to people. We taught so many people on that train. They were all so interested and friendly. And they all helped us when we had connections! Oh, side note. Elder Driskill is training Elder Bednar here in Trenčin as well. SO we were all together on the way back. A man helped us with our bags off one train to the next, and, consequently, we made our connection and the Elders did not. The man thought that was pretty hilarious.

Elder Driskill far right
2) We had a fantastic day our first day, contacting mostly all day. We found a new investigator who is AWESOME and already knows our recent convert, so she came to church and he is more excited than anyone! Sister Ross just contacts everyone we see and is so bold. She is a spiritual person and that helped more than anything. We also got ahold of one of our less actives who has kind of disappeared and got to teach him over the phone for an entire hour! (Well, 57 minutes.)

3) We were going to teach this old lady who is an investigator, and she was not home. So we were tracting and contacting around for a few minutes, and Sister Ross is like, Look! Two old ladies on a bench! Lets talk to them! So we make a little journey across this neighborhood, and lo and behold, it is the old lady we were trying to meet with and a friend! Long story short, we ended up teaching both of them, and talking about baptism, and at the end of the lesson, sister ross just says, (in slovak) " Okay, I have an important question. Will you get baptized?" And the spirit in the room was so tangible! I Was dying when the two 80 year olds said that they needed to pray about baptism. So miraculous!

4) we had a really spiritual experience on saturday, when a girl we meet with who does not believe in God. We were teaching, and debating a little bit, and she just felt like she could not believe in god, and could not pray because she did not know how to mean it, and everything, and then Sister Ross just looks at her all of a sudden and says "Will you pray right now?" AND SHE DID. We all knelt down and she actually prayed! The spirit was so strong, sister ross and I both had tears in our eyes. It was pretty miraculous.

Anyway, those are some miracles. RIGHT so amazing.

Sister Ross with an ice bag on her eye
Also, Sister Ross got a mosquito bite on her eyelid during one night, and her eye looked like she had
been punched. She still went on a run with me.

Plus she has jet lag. And she has killed so many bugs in our apartment, including saving a gigantic praying mantis. Such a trooper, this one.

A woman gave us pears yesterday when we were tracting.

The moon was amazing yesterday and the stars are finally out again but I did not have my camera.

I probably forget a hundred things, but i love you all and am grateful for you!

s laskou,

Sestra Abbott

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