Monday, August 24, 2015


Another beautiful week has whizzed by without a regret (poetic sentence, však?)! I am in love with everything, yet again, and so grateful to be serving a mission. I cannot really remember everything I did and I do not have my planner so sorry.

I really cannot remember anything in a remotely chronical order, so I am just going to start from what I can remember. Which is YESTERDAY!!! Hahahaha

Yesterday was more eventful than not, because we got to go to a jarmok (Which is like, a market of handmade things that people are selling) in Trenčianske Teplice. Our beautful investigator was singing and doing a cultural dance, so we were permitted to go with her husband! And, wow, it was the most amazing thing. There were little stands everywhere, and people painting eggs with wax and crocheting their little doilies things and making trdelniks, and there was a man who had literally made a man powered amusement ride for children. It looked like the dumbo ride, but he sat in the middle of it and pedaled in order for it to go around. ANYWAY we so enjoyed the cultural show, with all of the different traditional dresses and dances from each individual village. We were just in joyland.
THEN we were walking away from the beautiful thing, when our phone started ringing and we got transfer calls! President sent Sister Eggers away back to Bratislava to be with Sister Russell, and is sending me a pretty wonder right out of the MTC! So I get to train, which will be slightly interesting and a whole lot of fun. I am too excited. I am not with her yet. Will be soon. I will let you all know everything about her next week.
Well, then, also, yesterday, we were contacting, and I see this little bird on the side of the street. And like always, I said ahoj to the little bird but it was so cute that I watched it for another second. Then I realized that it was hurt or something and was trying to get over this little ledge. For some reason, Sister Eggers and I felt such compassion for this little bird that we just could not leave it there, because it really looked like it was going to die. SO I pulled a piece of paper out of my bag, and after a couple of attempts, I scooped up the little bird and put it on top of this little ledge (probably only 3 feet tall). As soon as it was on the ledge, it could see the trees and it flew right into them! How incredible!

I thought it was really a wonderful metaphor for life. We also had training in Brno this week, and prezident talked a lot about having a vision, and seeing the bigger picture instead of getting disappointed in little moments. I thought about this little bird, and how the only reason why it could not fly was because it could not see over this little ledge! Sometimes we do not realize that the trees and safety are literally a foot away because we have something blocking our vision, and sometimes we just need a little help to get on top of the ledge so we can fly the rest of the way to the trees. Does this make sense? It does to me.
ANYWAY it was super meant to be, because as soon as he was to safety, we turned and talked to this dad with a little baby boy and another little 3 year old boy, and we are now visiting him next week. HOORAY FAMILIES
Sister Eggers and I had a wonderful last week together. Although I cannot seem to remember anything that happened, it really was wonderful. I know that we did a singing display, and that we rode a train to Brno with all the sestry, because we had training. Here is training.

I really like trainings.

I just remembered what happened one day this week. It was literally POURING rain and we had a bunch of contacting on plan, so we toughed out the wet feet and one umbrella situation and went out into the wonderful flood. And we gave away, seriously, I am telling you, in less than two hours we gave away five kniha mormonovas. It was pretty dang miraculous. SO with wet feet, then we went to Brno.

So. I am excited for a new transfer, and a new week, and I am really in love with life right now.
Nothing is better than this work! I have never been so confused at how I am so happy to serve others and to consistently be thinking about helping them. It is incredibly strange that in those moments when you are not thinking about yourself, you are truly the happiest. I am grateful for every opportunity I have, every day!

I read an incredible talk by Elder Holland that he gave in April of 2007 entitled The Tongue of Angels. I would really encourage everyone to read it (This is for you, brothers in my family), because I was amazed and feel so blessed for the gift we have to bless others with our words!

I Love you all and am grateful to you!
Sestra Abbott

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