Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What just happened?

This week feels like an entire year zipped up into one hour! It is really strange and I really do not think that time is a real thing.

We had some incredible miracles and we got to serve A LOT. It was a weird sort of week, but a real good one. We had an awesome project here in Trenčin called the Wallace Toronto Foundation. It is  a foundation that is in our mission, where every year, a big giant huge service project is planned in a city and all the members and friends of the church are invited to join. You know, t shirts and food and the whole shabang. It is in Slovakia every three years. SO can you see how incredibly lucky I am to be serving here in Trenčin right now?? It was literally in our own little city! All the slovak missionaries were invited, and everyone else who wanted to come. There were about 200 people in this little city all dressed in spring green t shirts, painting fences and cleaning stadiums! It stressed our four active members, who were the hosts, out a bit but it all happened and it was really incredible to see many families from the czech republic and from america who came all the way to Trenčin for it! I was full of love and appreciation for the people. I really cannot explain how much I love them and how much I am excited for the church here in Slovakia.

Sister Ross knows some chinese so now I know how to say "I Like..."
It is Woe she huan....

On tuesday (this is before the toronto project, sorry, chronology is a thing of the past...), we went to Brno for progression training for Sister Ross and Elder Bednar. SO strange because it takes all the missionaries out of Trenčin! Who knew that the only new missionaries this transfer would be in the same area. Anyway, we got on a bus, and that was really a twisting, turning, adventure. We made it on time and had a wonderful training! I was really overcome with emotion (Apparently an emotional week) and love for my mission. I could not believe how much I have really changed and how much I love my investigators. Sister Ross was telling about a girl we teach who prayed, and I just about lost it. Real embarrassing. But still.
Then, after some delicious pizza, we booked it to a little dinky bus and made it by about a minute, and luckily we could pay with euros becase we had forgotten to convert any money into crowns. The bus ride was even MORE adventurous on the way back, because we made an old man friend who had a dog. The dog was cute and sat in the isle, and we ignored the mans dirty jokes for a while, and then after a quick rest stop, he gets back in the bus and pulls out a little kitten as well. We thought that was a little strange but it became even stranger when he literally threw the cat on top of Sister Ross! She had to hold it for the rest of the ride and smelled pleasantly like drunk dirty cat for the rest of the day. Hahah best bus ride ever.

WELL in other news, we helped a lot to get ready for the toronto project, making a lot of sandwiches and favors and organizing things and whatnot. Then on Thursday we went to visit dear sestra alžbeta, who made us the YUMMIEST Czech dish with dumplings, pork, and sweet saurkraut. I thought I was just about going to die I loved it so much. Then on Friday we helped some more with this project and met a lot of nice americans who had come in.

Hahahah oh I forgot, on saturday, we were cleaning in the hockey stadium, and sister ross needed to use the restroom so obviously we went and while she was in there she starts yelling my name, and turns out the phone had fallen out of her pocket into the toilet. So that was the death of that phone.
He was baptized by immersion.
So then it was totally dead and we were a little stressed, luckily we had an old phone, and also, everyone knows that you have to also have the baptism by fire, so we used rice and
the phone now lives again. GRATITUDE

Anyway. Yesterday at church we had a fantastic fast and testimony meeting, and I cried the entire time because these members! Are so incredible! I cannot even explain. They are my life. They are the pioneers of slovakia. I wish that everyone in the world could see the things that they do for this church, and the faith that they have. I wish I could give them the wards that they deserve! They are the light in Slovakia and have been missionaries for years, and years. They are the sweetest, most charitable selfless people. They are always talking about how we can help investigators, less actives, people on the streets...ah! I love them and am so grateful for them. They are changing the way I see the world and I love them!
Lastly, here is a quote I found in a talk about courage from Prezident Monson because I am so excited for General Conference.
"Said Scottish poet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson: “Everyday courage has few witnesses. But yours is no less noble because no drum beats for you and no crowds shout your name.”2"

Have a wonderful week!!
S laskou, sestra abbott

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