Monday, November 3, 2014

Ahojte ! ! ! ! (HI)

Hello again from beautiful, wonderful, Slovakia! I'm really second guessing my spelling today, so forgive me if this email is really awful. I am so full of the spirit and so grateful for everything that has happened this week and everyone I have come in contact with. I can't explain how happy I am to be here doing the Lord's work and sharing His love with the people around me! Half the time they think I am totally insane, (Also cannot speak Slovak. But that's beside the point) but I don't really care. This last week has been full of miracles and just...miracles.

I can't really write everything that I want to about this--but planning is so inspired. If we say we want to find a woman in a brown coat, we find a woman in a brown coat. I was planning and felt like I needed to find a mom with short blonde hair--the next day, we ran into a little family with a little girl and a mom with short blonde hair! We shared our message, but they didn't give us a number. Later that day, an appointment cancelled and we were out contacting again--we ran into the same woman!  I think both of us were a little shocked and she really listened to what we had to say. The Lord is preparing those who he needs and I am so grateful for the trust He gives to us to find those sheep who He is waiting for.
Hooray! MTC Reunion! Starsi Williams and Sister Russell were there too,
just not on the same cart. Sorry I look like I'm pregnant. 

We tried to teach a bunch of lessons early in the week because on Thursday we needed to cestovat
(travel) to Brno (Czech) for some zone training with President McConkie.  I know, I'm a world traveler.  This time the train ride seemed very long, and we got into Brno pretty late, but we were with the Elders and they are pretty entertaining. The two elders in Košice (kosheetsa) with Sestra Seninger and me are Elder Ringger and Elder Clark. They are both such good missionaries and are always watching out for us. It is Elder Clark's last transfer, so he knows what's up.

Anyway, so we stayed with the Brno sisters, who we didn't know, and after wandering aimlessly around Brno for a little while, constantly confused about where on earth the apartment building was, they came and got us. They are darling. Brno is a beautiful city, and it is really clean. Everything seems to be really..remodeled or something but I really like it. Anyway, we had training which was AMAZING. President and Sister McConkie are really incredible. They are so inspired and gave us the best counsel.

Also, everyone keeps asking me about the food, so I think this is a good time to mention that I'm pretty sure the national food of Slovakia is pizza. (Or pre-made baguette sandwiches.) We have pizza all the time. I say this because we had it at training.

Haha, so, we got 3 boxes of materials for our area, and we took one of them home. You would be really surprised at how much a box of 40 books of mormon weighs. Literally. So we had our luggage and our books of mormon, and it was really a hassle. After carrying them around and running to make connecting trains, I'm pretty strong. My muscles are growing. I'm swoll, man.

Oh! So it was Halloween on the day of training, but we obviously weren't really allowed to do anything for it except like have orange napkins for lunch, but the best part about it was that we had to stay the night in Trenčin (That castle there, though...COOLEST) and I literally felt like I was in a scary movie. Best halloween ever. We got off the train (pretty late because we missed our first train), and there was just fog everywhere and this orange moon and we were walking through these trees...I was so excited about it. I was just waiting for the mythical creatures to start popping out. Anyway, though, it was really cool.

Fog that every morning I think it snow but it never is :(
There is always fog in the mornings, in every city basically in Slovakia. It is so cool. Sometimes you can't see the sun. Actually most of the time.

We were on time for church this sunday, and did not have to run for the train, which was good. But on Sunday, we mostly just tracted. It is kind of funny to tract, because many of the homes have locked gates around them, and you have to ring a doorbell at the gate and get them to come out. A lot of people just stick their heads out the window and ask us what in the world we could possibly want with their sunday afternoon. The best part is that a lot of times they can't hear us, so they end up coming outside to talk to us! Haha. We had a few really good experiences. The most miraculous part was that as we were walking down the street, we see the woman whose family we are teaching right now! And her family! And her husband, who we haven't met yet. Ah! Such a miracle. We talked to them, and her husband, who is Buddhist, seemed really opposed to the church. We are hoping his heart will soften so we can continue to teach his wife and their family.

We ran into so many former investigators and inactive members while we were contacting also--it is just so great how when you are doing the Lord's work He will be able to lead you to the right place at the right time so that you can accomplish all you are able to do.

One thing that we learned at the training is how to contact on the family and on family history. (Speaking of which , Sister Seninger and I were volunteered to be the example for half the mission, and it was just embarrassing since I've been here for like a week) Anyway, but it was so inspired. We have been teaching on rodina history and it really works! We already have many people's numbers and a family's number. I love the Spirit of Elijah and how it is able to touch people's hearts. I am incredibly grateful for my own family and for all the family history that is being and has been done on either side--I don't know how I have been so blessed!

Lastly, one quote I want to share is by Corrie Ten Boom: "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still" I loved at training, Sister McConkie shared the story of the 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile a few years ago. If you don't remember the story, you should look it up, because it is a really incredible story. Truly, we are unable to climb out of this pit without assistance. It is impossible without our Savior, who is truly our Redeemer and Advocate. He knows the way and the method to touch and change every person's heart and bring them to Him to inherit the kingdom of God.

Oh wait. Not last thing. LASTLY, I love the talk given by Tad R. Callister called "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary". It is basically my little four pages of goals. One thing I really want to do on my mission is make it a "celestial mission". I hope to consecrate all my efforts, thoughts, and self to the Lord so that I can achieve that goal. Omni 1:26 is such a good scripture about consecration. "Yea, come unto me, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him.."

I love the Lord and I love my mission! It is really worth every minute. I have so much gratitude for
Him and for this sacred opportunity I have been given.

I love and am praying for each of you! And I love hearing from you!

Sestra Abbott

P.S. Christmas is coming!!!!!! Elder Clark has gotten mad at me several times for singing Christmas songs but I love Christmas! Hooray!


The food is basically the same, but not...I eat a lot of bread and cheese. My favorite is BRYNDZA! Which is sheep cheese. None of the cheese and milk are pasteurized, so they are just really yummy. AND we always make Halušky... oh wow so yummy. woman in the ward always cooks for us, and makes us stuff with potatoes and sausage, ALWAYS. Honestly, I have no idea what is in the sausage, but it is really good. Oh! And sauerkraut. I really like their sauerkraut. Sauerkraut + Mashed Potatoes + Sour Cream + Sausage = yumminess. I don't know if there is a food I really miss. Because their chocolate is a hundred times better. 

I think the thing I miss the most is..I really don't know. I miss you guys mostly! But I absolutely love being a missionary! I wish I could do this for the rest of my life! Literally! I have such incredible purpose and ALWAYS am doing something. It is amazing. I don't really travel from house to house a lot, but when I do it is weird because I have to ring a doorbell outside their gate. We get around on buses everywhere and trams. I just walk straight up to people and start bearing my testimony! sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't. It just depends! Most people are catholic.

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