Monday, February 15, 2016

First comes love the verb, and the noun follows.

God is sure pouring blessings down on Trenčín! Whenever I feel that life could not possibly be any better, He throws some more sprinkles on or dips it in chocolate or something and everything is just sweet and you have it all right in your hands. I think that yes, there are always some bitter herbs in there, but because of those, the sweet is even better and you feel so much more grateful for the blessings that you are receiving.

This week was full of blessings. On
getting some gifts from the members
monday, we did not have too much time to talk to people on the streets, so we ran out for a few minutes, and talked with a few people. After a few minutes, we felt like we should turn back around. So we did a quick 180 and the first man we talked to, right behind us, was the most elect father we had ever met! He had already received a book of mormon and had been reading. After an incredible conversation about Joseph Smith and the restored gospel, he asked us to come to his house and teach his wife and three older children! We feel so blessed and are so excited to go and visit him.

Trencianska Tepla bags
THEN we went on exchanges!! I got to go down to visit Blava this week and was not only drenched by a rainstorm but by love for the place (hahah this is the best cheesy sentence I have ever written). They have such cool people and I was so grateful to teach and learn there, especially when we had quite a fun lesson with a man from Nigeria who is getting baptized in a couple weeks. It is so incredible to me the different ways that people recognize truth. Whether they see it in the facts, in the logic, in the spirit, in the scriptures, in dreams, or other ways, they always feel it and recognize it when they have real intent. Truly God speaks to His children today in the ways they need it!
Valentines breakfast

This week, we had a KONCERT! So much fun. So much love and joy. Get this, I make these concertflyers, and the concert is called "God is Love" Or "Boh je Láska", and I later in the invitation wrote "Donuts, Music, and Love" or "šišky, hudba, laska". For some reason, everyone who read this flyer only saw the part that said "šišky, hudba, laska", so everyone who we gave them to was walking around saying in a questioning voice, "šišky, hudba, laska?" But I am convinced  that everyone came because of it! (wink wink.) But either way, our concert was wonderful and many of our friends came! We talked about the family and sang a few pieces, and afterwards had lots of donut and music and love. It was really wonderful! We were so grateful for the confirming spirit which we felt there that confirmed the divinity of family and that the family is really ordained of God. I am truly grateful for the family I have been blessed with and for the gospel
We made cookies and delivered with an invite to our concert
that brings us so close!

conversation of the week:

YSA boy-- "čo ponúkate?"
                 "What are you offering?"
Sister Abbott -- "Večný život."
                        "eternal life."

Anyway. Yesterday was a wonderful Valentines Day filled with a whole lot of love from my most favorite people. We saw so many miracles and on top of that, got to visit all of our favorite people. They are truly like my family! They feed me and listen to me and give me great advice. I sure do love them more than anything!

Love you all too.
s laskou,
Sestra Abbott

PS this week I tragically injured myself when I was attempting to fix our coffee table. The fortunate thing is that the coffee table IS FIXED!!!

Sister Abbotts facial mask

More gifts

Elder Cantrells new name tag #frywithtartar

We are on the billboards in Trencianska Tepla

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