Monday, February 22, 2016


look SO TALL in this picture, but these are some of our favorites :)
 She made us some great halušky. She doesnt look this short in real life.
Okay well now I feel really awkward because I really liked the older first paragraph that I wrote, but now you all already know that it is warm in Trenčín and I regret wearing tights right now, so, hot.
But nonetheless, this week has been just incredible! It has flown by faster than I can even explain, but it has been really great. I love Trenčín and the people here. Something has been reocurring this week that I guess happens to a person when they are in a small town for eight months. It seems that every person we stop on the street and they know me but I do not know them for the life of me. I cannot remember anyone! Typical conversation:

"Hi! We are the--"
"I know! Abbott, I know you."
"Oh really, when did we meet?"
"You dont remember? It was last year on July 16!!!"
It is really so terrible. I always feel so bad. I am trying to memorize these faces. It seems to help
Whats in my bag
when I make sure to ask for names...
Something else really intense happened this week when we were speaking with a man on the street. We were having this great spiritual conversation with this man when we heard this huge crash! We all turned a full 180 and saw that behind us, a car had fully rear ended another car going full speed and was completely smashed in. We all just stood there for a few minutes, really confused, and then the man turned back to us and picked up right where he left off! Sister Ratcliffe and I were both extremely confused, to say the least, and were pretty distracted the rest of the conversation while police came and people dragged the car off of the road. Luckily, nobody seemed to be hurt!
cute čaj
We had an activity this week that really tested my crafting skills. Paličkovanie--we looked it up in our big dictionary, and found "Button lacing". Either way it is a pretty traditional slovak craft, and SO DIFFICULT. Everyone should look it up online. I think after the activity, we were all a little wasted and had literally no more brain power. But I think the point is that we learned something new. AND this scripture describes exactly how I felt:
"Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. "
Except that I guarentee that none of my paličkovanie could ever confound the wise. In time, my friend, patience...
Well, lastly, I think I just want to say that church was so great this week! Church is always a
cute church
spiritually uplifting experience and I am always grateful that we can take the sacrament. I know that the Lord gave us the Sabbath to feed our spirits and I love sundays! This sunday was special to me because our friend came to church this week and brought her two children. It was so wonderful to hear the little rustles of children in sacrament meeting. I love when families are together, especially at church, because it is really what the gospel is all about. I have been so blessed to see that here in Slovakia and do not think I will ever be able to take it for granted again! I was grateful for the focus on Jesus Christ in our meetings and for the spirit I was able to connect with there.
Well, I think this is all for this week, I forgot my planner of course, so I am sure there is more but I cannot remember. I know it is not much, but I hope that everyone can add their own experiences to mine this week! Life is wonderful!
Sestra Abbott
PS OBSESSED With this video this week. Showing it to everyone.

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