Monday, January 18, 2016

Real Recognize Real

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This week has been one of those weeks where we really see Gods hand in our work. I have never been so consciously grateful for my situation, the people around me, and for the relationships I have ever in my life before! Even sitting here in the library I cannot imagine life without having to go to the coffee and cigarette-smelling library to pay to use the internet. God is so good!

We had a great family night last monday, where our recent convert really had some remarkable things to say. We talked about opposition--about how, if we want to see anything good at all, there will always, always be an opposite. He talked about how in life, when he has hardships, he always has hope that there will be something better because he knows this is a heavenly law that is as sure as gravity. For every downward force there is an upward. We talked about Satan and about God, about the roles they play in our conversion. He very profoundly told us that, in his opinion, "Satan je klamstvo a Boh je istota." Or, translated, Satan is lies and God is surety. How incredibly true that is! We can always rely on God to be that certainty in our lives. Sometimes Satan and worldly temptations try to disguise themselves as certainty, but if we consistently try to find the certainty that is the Lord, we will not be decieved.

I learned a second excellent lesson in our english class this week when we talked about finding a job
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that you love. Another profound thought comes from our romanian english student--"The dream job is the job where you dont want to take any vacations." In that moment, it hit me. I HAVE THE DREAM JOB!! Literally I have not taken a vacation in almost a year and a half, and I could do it for a whole lot longer. I feel so incredibly blessed. I dont really know if anyone ever finds their dream job but I have already found mine!

Another piece of advice came from our cool gardener friend, who made a commitment to study and pray every morning before work. He said that in slovakia they have a saying, that your wine or drink will always taste like whatever you pour into the wine barrel first. (Because, the wine barrel is wood, so whatever you put into it, the taste sort of seeps in). SO, when you start your day with prayer and study, the rest of your day will "taste" Like the spirit! So very true! Second miracle that he experienced was that he decided to read in the Book of Mormon. He has not had a ton of success understanding and reading from the beginning, so he just decided to open to a random page. He opened to Jacob 5, the parable of the vineyard. And get this--he fell in love with it! As a gardener, he found so many applicable metaphors. Turns out, there is really something in the book of mormon for every person who will read her!

We and the elders helped a young man build his house this week. BOY, that was an adventure. Sister Ratcliffe and I are really, really strong sisters.

Our good old widow friend took us this week to the Hotel Alžbeta for fruit tea and desserts. Tea at a four star hotel with a woman in a fur coat? Class, we have class. Fanciest tea I have ever drinken. Dranken. Drunk. What is that WORD

Lastly, the wind of bitter cold seemed to freeze all of Trenčín this weekend. You look out the window, and it looks so deceptively warm, with clear blue skies and little to no breeze, and then you step outside, and it is like BOOM. -10 celsius. Every liquid in my body frozen. It is actually okay if we are walking around, but when we were going door to door yesterday night, my feet and ankles were just about ready to break off and Sister Ratcliffe was about ready to leave me on the side of the road. SO COLD

So, this is the week in a really really small nutshell. I am amazed every day at the love I feel for these
still fat because WOW CHOCOLATE
people and for this gospel. Studying the life of Joseph Smith this week has really opened my eyes to the types of opposition we feel and to the incredible trust God has in each one of us. Truly, He works with us to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of His children. If each of us can find the strength to humble ourselves and listen to His voice, truly we can be led to do His work, just as the Prophet Joseph did. I know he is a prophet and that he saw God and Jesus Christ! How grateful I am for that.

ukrainian candies and šišky
s laskou,
Sestra Abbott
When our electricity went out. AGAIN. Such good friends with our neighbor the electrician now.

Beautiful Trenčín!

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