Monday, July 6, 2015

Best week ever.

birthday dinner in a fancy restaurant
I am going to try and write down this incredible week with enough time to send home my million pictures. 

breathe in....

Let me just start with a small little finding miracle...When planning one night, we decided we wanted to find a "Spicy Man". We did not really know what that meant, and we did not know what he would look like, but we were sure we would know when we saw him, that he was spicy. It was a little risky, but we headed out with our spicy glasses on. Then, walking down the street, we saw the spiciest man we have ever seen. His mustache curved up SO HIGH I could not believe it. We looked at each other, and we knew. He even did a little dance for us and was a hockey coach that loved Kanada and could not really speak any english. It was so great.
Also, training was this week in Brno! So, not wanting to be late, we traveled the night before to Blava and stayed with the sestry. The next morning, all six sisters got up at 4am to catch a train that left at 610, and we were SO good on time! But then we discovered that all the trams were not running to the train station. So we ended up sprinting at 530 in the morning through the streets of bratislava with all our bags and a broken suitcase, and prayed and prayed that we would not miss our train! At 605, we were still running, and an elder called and told us that the train had a 20 minute delay. We just about fainted with relief.
tan line
So we took a nice morning stroll to the train station (after quite a rigourous workout), and got on the train, which ended up having to go all the way back to trnava, turn around, switch tracks, switch engines, and then go back to brno.
Long story short, we were supposed to get into brno at 730, and we pulled in at about 1015.
So we all ran into training very sweaty from a very humid train and quite hungry, but all was well and so worth it for the wonderful training that we had!
Which I will tell you about later if I have time.
Then we came back to Trenčin, and we were welcomed by a dark little apartment with no electricity. 
It was so great. The Košice sestry were with us so we all sat down around candles and ate sandwiches and made a little camping fort. We all felt like we were in a movie or something.
Then it was the fourth of july!!!!
Birthday Package
Hooray! We were so excited! Our ladislav was baptized in the Vah! It was seriously the most wonderful thing. It was a perfect day, and the water looked like glass. He was so excited. And the spirit was so strong when we, in our little group, sang and talked together about baptism. And when he stumbled out of the water, he just kept saying, "Som čisty!! "I am clean!" And that he had a new life now. It was so great. He was too excited for his Confirmation, which was on Sunday, and now he is a perfectly perfect member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! And could not be more proud of it! He is a truly incredible example of someone who really turned their entire life around and promised to follow the Lord. I cannot believe the commitment that he has and the faith that he consistently shows. Ahhh!
crying because I love mint oreos
Also, after his baptism, we had a fourth of july party! Which was very successful! The Elders made sloppy joes and potato salad (we were supposed to make the potato salad, but, we had no electricity, so the elders saved us and we bought chips and watermelon instead) and FEASTED. Those sloppy joes never did taste so good! Sister Eggers and I were singing our patriotic songs all day, and the people there told us that that was simply totally not normal to just sing without a purpose. But they said we could do it anyway, since it was Americas day. It was the best.
Then, it was sunday, and it was the hottest of all sundays. I could not believe it!! It was like 100 degrees farenheit and felt like we were swimming in air! SO the fasting was a little rough but we discovered that singing songs really helps when you are on a really hot street and really hungry. Everyone should try it because it totally worked! We ended up having a great time. Then the elders made us Halušky, and were literally such angels because we were SO HUNGRY and we had no food because of the electricity thing! We were the most grateful humans. And then they gave us a cake for my birthday, which we ate for breakfast today, so that was also amazing.

And then today! We went on an adventure, Sister Eggers and I! We decided to go hiking in the middle of nowhere and it was probably the best most beautiful thing that has ever happened. And then we sang super loud "The Spirit of God" in the middle of the mountains. Boy did those butterflies feel the spirit.
And then we went to the fanciest restaurant in Trenčin I think and ate halušky again. So by far a most excellent day.
Well, I am going to end by saying one thing about training. We talked about choice. Which I absolutely loved. We can choose to be happy every day! We can choose to share the gospel by example and acts. We can choose to forget ourselves. It is a conscious choice that can change our lives! I am trying to make these choices every day and have become increasingly grateful for this gift God has given me to be able to choose!

Okay so pictures.

That this slovak woman dressed me up like a slovak this week! It was the best moment of my entire life! She put me in her homeade slovak outfit and I was crying because i was so happy! Ahhhhh!

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