Monday, February 16, 2015

MADNESS and crazy things!!!

besties for life
I cannot remember what happened this week because I am so excited because my brother got his mission call this week!!!! To Florida Tallahassee (this was literally so hard for me to spell)!! Everyone should freak out now. Everyone. Ahhhhhh

Anyway, second pretty important piece of information is that I totally forgot to mention last week that transfers just happened this weekend! And, unfortunately, I am leaving the city of miracles to actually another city of miracles which is Bratislava!! And I am with Sestra Eggers which is basically the best thing ever, so party all day.

President Van Dalen and us
Things that happened this week:

Sestra Parsons and I Celebrated our sixth-month bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I baked something for breakfast every day this week because I finally figured out how to light our oven without burning myself.

We had an incredible lesson with this girl named martina, who is actually from spain. So it was in english. So we were excited. She said she was an atheist, but, when she came to our lesson, she brought two friends with her, one from spain and one from Ireland. What an incredible lesson we had, full of the spirit and full of questions. It is truly amazing to see that literally everyone in the world is looking for something--maybe they do not know what it is, but they are looking. And the best part is that the gospel can fill the need of every person! It is somehow a universal medication to every pain, struggle, and quest. Sorry to go off about that but it is seriously so true!

us and Sister Van Dalen and Daniela
We are teaching the literal coolest man (whom sestra seninger and I contacted on exchanges. He was backpacking around the city.) He read the Book of Mormon for three hours after we gave it to him, and he says he cannot find any mistakes in it. And that it is more correct than his bible (at least the greek translation). He only found God about 5 years ago, and he is seriously the coolest knowledge-lover I have ever talked to. SO much explaining about ether....

I really cannot remember what else I was going to say because I am now using a new planner. But we had a wonderful week full of miracles.

us and Martina
Lowdown on Valentines Day : We bought all these heart shaped foods and were really quite excited, and then we got transfer calls and were so nervous and a little sad so we made them all and did not eat any of it. Hahahah

us and ernest
Lowdown on what happened today: I packed all my suitcases and said goodbye to everyone (no more details on this) and struggled onto the train with three suitcases. I got to ride on the train for a while all by my lonesome which was strange. Then getting off I asked a hundred people to help me because I am weak and that was a little hectic but I prayed and an angel helped me get off. Then, unfortunately, nobody was waiting for me, so I just sat and listened to the beautiful violin player until they found me. Now I am in Blava and it is basically springtime! I love it and can hardly believe it and I am so incredibly excited for this transfer. Literally. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway I feel like I am rapidly typing so here are pictures

Love you all and pray for ya erry day

Sestra Abbott

most awkward picture of us and Andre
I literally cannot believe I forgot to put this in here, but I just thought everyone should know that I saved an old man´s life in the train station today. I was carrying two suitcases in my hands when he just yelled "JAI!" And began to tumble down the stairs. So I dropped my suitcases and caught him and he did not die. Plus I also received blessings because then the police came and the carried my suitcases up the stairs! Hooray!

Love, Sestra Abbott

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