Monday, December 1, 2014

Hidden Poklad (treasure)

This week was really wonderful, of course. It started with the most wonderful thanksgiving we could ask for (Do I use the word wonderful a lot? Because I feel like I do...Sorry.) I thought it was a little strange to be away from home, but I did not even really think about it until after the day was over because I was surrounded by so many wonderful people! The Millers, our senior couple here in Košice, were so good at organizing everything so we could have as close to an american thanksgiving as possible.

We had everything! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes sidenote--Sister Seninger and I were assigned to make the mashed potatoes. The Vandalenovci and the Millerovci and the Elders were all going to be there, so we pĺanned to make quite a lot. But then the Elders stressed us out because they were warning us "You better make enough mashed potatoes" And "If we run out of potatoes it will not be Thanksgiving" So we made even more, and now we still have about 10 kilo extra mashed potatoes. And they ate a lot of them. So there is that.

We also made rolls! And they worked even though we have no way to tell how hot our oven is!

Some of our biggest miracles this week-- 

i did not take this picture 
We were going to contact by Sestra Burdigova house, and we hopped on the tram, even though we knew we would not have very much time by the time the tram got us there. We felt good about it anyway. Well, there was a weird situation with the tram, so we got off after just one stop and decided to just contact there and find the family that we have been searching for. We stopped every person we saw, and no luck. It was freezing outside and nobody wanted to stop. We continued on, and saw this old woman carrying a bag of groceries, hobbling down the sidewalk. We passed her and as we smiled and said, "Dobrý!" she dropped her bag on the ground and started crying. We helped her with her bag and held her arms and walked her to her apartment. She told us her husband had died only a couple weeks earlier and this was the first time she was going to get the groceries on her own. We sat in her apartment with her, and she showed us pictures of him and her family. I have never felt so blessed to be in the right place at the right time. If we have righteous desires, the Lord will put us in situations where we can serve and fulfill our baptismal covenants.

so many miracles, but I will just write this incredible one that happened yesterday because it is going to take a minute to write..

Yesterday, we were going tracting. We have had our eye on these streets up the mountain for the last little while, but there is only one bus that goes up there. oh, the 14 bus. And it comes at really weird times, especially on weekends, when we tract. So we keep trying to catch it and we keep missing it. BUT we were UNDETERRED yesterday, and felt that we must catch this bus. So we did.

Turns out, it went to a totally different part of Košice, and took us to the end of its route, so that was a little weird. The stop took us to a bridge by a river and we could not see much (Because it gets dark at about 4 here), but we could see some houses and streets across the bridge. So we felt like this is where we needed to be. Granted, we had no idea where we were, but this was good.


This little town is the most wonderful place. We found a door that did not have a gate, so we knocked at the door, and immediately, all these little children were there and they were wonderful and wow! A family with five little children (They had to all have been under the age of 8) opened the door. We talked to them for a little bit and the dad had a Kniha Mormonova! So we are going back next week.

Then we met ANOTHER family, out on the street, a mom with four kids, the two who we talked to were probably 12 and 14ish. She said we could come back next week as well.

Almost gave a man a Kniha Mormonova.

And another family at the bus stop with the cutest little boy who kept just grinning at me and waving his little fingers.

A hidden poklad right there. 

Oh haha, and turns out that this little town is way far away, and has actually been this little place by the mountains that I love to stare at every single day!!  Dream town.

How blessed are we?! This is truly the Lords work. We see his hand in everything we do and we love it!

And then we made halušky after so..... That was great.

And, it is so magical here. Michalovce is on the 6th, which is when St. Nikolas comes and puts candy in shoes and all that jazz. Baby Jesus comes on Christmas. So there are Christmas lights and trees being put up everywhere, and best of all, the Christmas markets are opening this week! I hope to send pictures soon, because it is like I live in Christmasland. And there are always street performers, and wonders, and all these things. So great. Still has not snowed, but still wonderful. 

However, it is getting really cold. I love scarves and wool socks. 

Well, I forgot to bring my planner to the library (such a greenie, I know) so I do not really remember everything I was supposed to write. There are just so many miracles that my brain explodes! 

I am so grateful this week for prayer. I love the ability we have to communicate with our Father in Heaven through prayer. I know He truly hears us and will strengthen us, and that we can be strengthened in Christ and His atonement every day. I do not know how it is possible that I am still standing on my cold feet every day, but I do know that it is because of the strength I recieve from Christ! I love and can feel the strength I receive from your prayers as well and am ever grateful for them. 

Love you and talk to you soon! Pokoj!

Sestra Abbott

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