Saturday, December 20, 2014

Here we are at another end...transfer week.

Transfer week! 

This week was completely crazy and remarkable at the same time. We did so much!

We taught so many people! We had so many miracles! I do not have very much time to write, but I just want to say that CAROLING IS AMAZING. That man we caroled up to last week? Yeah. He is amazing. He met with us and is the best human.

Then, we went caroling again this last sunday, and had such miracles. The cutest young mom put her two little girls up in the window to listen to us, and then they all came out and gave us Christmas ornaments, and set up a return appointment. Shortly afterwards we got two more return appointments, one with a family! And we handed out many pass along cards while people tried to give us money.

I finally made halusky by myself and it was a complete success.

We went to the 12 apostles, an amazing restaurant that Elder Bednar supposedly ate at. PS Do you know he has ancestors from Slovakia?

Discovered the cutest little place to tract at and have a return appointment there also.

The Christmas trh is still as cute as it ever has been, and is the most wonderful market. We got trtlniks, most delicious things, and sister seninger bought a hat that looks like a Koala. However, the namestie gets SO crowded and everyone is drinking hot wine at night so we kind of have to stay clear.

Lastly, we had transfer calls. I just put it out of my mind until it finally came. I was so terrified. Really. I had no idea about what was going to happen. But president called, and told Sister Seninger she was going back to Bratislava, where she started her mission exactly a year ago. Then he told me I was going to stay here in Kosice HOORAY and my companion was going to be..

wait, short side note, there is a girl in the library now that is on We are freaking out and so confused.

Oh, so my companion is Sister Parsons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone believe this? Surely I still cannot. We are follow-up training each other. Hahahahaha
All I can do is laugh.

Today we went with the senior service couple here in Kosice to Presov to visit this really cool home for handicap people that we have been helping. It is really nice and the people there are wonderful. We sang for them and they all gave us little gifts.

Anyway, I am still as grateful as ever to be here in Kosice surrounded by wonderful people, and especially grateful to be serving the Lord! I know he will help us in this work and will support us after all that we can do. He is my feet, legs, and mind, and I hope I can do His will wherever I am!
I love you and will talk to you, well family, soon!!

happy holidays.

Sestra Abbott

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