Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nothing is a coincidence...Really.

Hi everyone! Hello from the MTC! The happiest place on earth! (well, for some of us.)

This week, I basically have been so reminded of the Lord's presence in my life. Truly, he tests us and blesses us so that we can be prepared to be tools in His hands when he needs us the most. I just want to share a few things this week that, small or large, just have confirmed that principle SO much.

1) On fast sunday, Sestra Parsons was VELMY nervous about her stomach growling. I cannot even describe how worried she was about this. For this whole month, she has been telling me about how her stomach growls SO loud, and she has never had one fast sunday in her life without an awkward moment. So I said a simple prayer that her stomach would not growl. The day grew nearer, and I assured her that she would be fine. Fast sunday came and went without her stomach growling at all.

2) We had to wait in SUCH a long line for dinner on Tuesday, (parmesan chicken!) and we saw the people ahead of us receiving the MOST DELICIOUS LOOKING DESSERT--Cream puffs. They literally looked homemade. The desserts ALWAYS run out, at least the good ones, and there are never any good desserts left unless you are first in line. I was getting physically stressed. This was very concerning to me. (I'm being a little dramatic). Half joking, I told Sister Parsons that I was going to pray for a cream puff. So I did. Right there. Sure enough, the cream puffs were gone long before we got to the beginning of the line. They brought out cheesecake. "Oh well," I said, " I guess I didn't have enough faith." The worst was that the cheesecake ran out before we got up to the front too. So the people in front of us were leaving without dessert at all! Just as we were going through the line, a woman came out of the kitchen with A WHOLE PAN OF FRESH CREAM PUFFS. Sestra Parsons and I got the first two, and I started crying in line, and it was just really incredible. Yes. I cried over cream puffs. Have I mentioned I've been really emotional?

3) I hosted yesterday, and I knew my very good friend Sara Lewis was coming in.  Though I knew it was a really slim chance, I kind of said a prayer in my heart that I could host her, or even just see her. I told everyone she was coming. Our dear little Elder Taylor from Lone Peak was there when she arrived at the curb (I was hosting someone else), and he valiantly dove through the storm of sisters attempting to host her, and snatched her out of the sea of service! He even told multiple sisters he was saving her for someone else. SO guess who ended up hosting her! Hooray!!! Best day ever.

4) Another hosting experience. I was helping with the earlier group (there were only a few of us), and helping new missionaries arriving early. One sister was deaf--and her escort was really getting riled up about how there wasn't an interpreter there. Believe it or not, I ran up to her and started speaking (?) in ASL! I knew my vocabulary was limited, but I talked to her and took her to the front office, where they couldn't get ahold of the interpreter who was supposed to be there. I said a little prayer that someone could come (who would actually know some gospel/MTC terms), and immediately, I saw the girl who hosted me on my first day. She is the sweetest girl, and she is deaf! She has a cochlear implant, but she was raised speaking ASL. I immediately introduced them, and coincidentally (NOT) my host was able to host the ASL speaking girl.

Funny Moments:
1) strc prst skrz krk. Slovak tongue twister. Literally means "push finger through neck"
2) Sestra Palinikova was setting goals with us, and mentioned that we should try to learn 3000 words by the end of the year. Sister Russell asks, "Wait, are there even 3000 slovak words?"
3) Reading the Kniha Mormonova, Sestra Eggers read "v tejto" and it sounded so much like "potato" that we simply couldn't continue.
4) My math teacher from Jr High, Mr. Barker, is here! He and his wife are going to be serving in Provo. I saw him in the cafeteria and he hugged me and there was an audible gasp while I patted his arm kindly and said, "I don't think I'm allowed to hug you!"
5) We watched Legacy on Sunday and we all just about died. That is really the best entertainment ever.
6) When we were teaching Bajo this week, Sestra Parsons accidentally said "Zivorim" with God instead of "Zit". "Zit" means "live". "Zivorim" means "live a miserable existence." I died.

Other things that are happening.
I got an assignment as the music coordinator person for the meetings in our branch. Woo Hoo. Kind of weird because since the only other positions people receive are sister training leaders and zone leaders, so I have to go to the leadership meetings even though all I am really doing is organizing the music...Who knows? My branch president claims that it is still a leadership position so I guess he must be right.

Sestra Parsons and I are still getting along better than ever. She straightened her hair today, and I can't get over how many people have commented on how much we look alike. We recorded our voices on this voice recorder her mom sent her (BEST THING EVER BY THE WAY) and we sound exactly the same. It it so weird. Today we even said "Slowly but surely" at the exact same time while talking to a senior missionary. What! OH!!! WEIRDEST!!! THING! She was born on August 9, 1994. Yeah mom, yeah. (just a note that this is TJ and Becca's actual wedding date)

Also, has anyone ever noticed that I have a legit blonde streak under my hair? When I put my hair up, it literally looks like I bleached a piece of my hair! Right down the center of my head. It is the strangest thing.

We are learning imperfective and perfective in Slovak, and future tense. Yah.

I love the verses in Alma 13:22-25. I have never been so personally affected by them! If you are on a mission or planning on it, read these! Or if you aren't. We can be angels among men! The Lord truly has sent His servants to declare His word.

I am so grateful for everyone who has been so supportive and for all the blessings I have already seen in my life! This gospel is truly the way to find happiness and purpose in this life and in the next. I know that the Lord watches over each and every one of us, and if we will ask Him, he will grant us answers and blessings! He truly knows how to give His children good gifts.

Love you!
Sestra Abbott

P.S. Thanks for the shirts Mom they are AMAZING

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