Thursday, September 18, 2014

Folks, the time is far spent

Elder Jack Taylor (our favorite)
(going to bulgaria)(went to lonepeak), and us.
This is ridiculous. We are starting our sixth week in the MTC today! How weird is that? I can hardly believe we have been gone for more than a couple weeks. It is hard to believe that life goes on
outside of this comfy little place where everyone is exactly the same. We are starting to get a little too comfortable, I'm afraid. Soon we will be thrown into Slovakia and have to leave our precious squeaky classroom chairs! It is a little terrifying to think that in less than a month we will be flying into Prague. What an adventure. Life is an adventure, that is for sure.

Hump day party! With the box and the cake
 and balloons! And no utensils!
This week we hit our half-way mark. We had a wonderful surprise when the Coveys (Sestra Parsons' friends) sent us the best half-way point box ever. The giant box was filled with balloons and the most delectable chocolate cake from Magelby's... Naturally, we set up the box in the middle of the room and had a family dinner with our district without utensils. Help. What are we turning into?

We had amazing speakers this week. On Sunday, Tad R. Callister came and spoke to us about the plan of salvation--what an excellent plan the Lord has for us! It is incredible that we have been blessed to know the means by which we are able to return to our Father in Heaven. On tuesday, we were visited by the wonderful Elder Richard G. Scott. He is such a wonderful man! He walked into a room already filled with probably 1000 missionaries and it basically exploded with the power of God. He gave the most wonderful talk about prayer. It made me so grateful for the daily communication I am able to have with my Father in Heaven. He truly has power that no human can comprehend--he made universes, commands all life, and is all knowing and infinite, and yet he has time to be personal with each and every one of us. He is a powerful being who has time for personal moments. I loved when he explained that when we receive spiritual promptings, we can choose either to rationalize them or retain them. Never second guess the spirit! I have already learned so much from following his promptings!

Spring outfits for lyfe.
Sister Parsons' friend Sister Arbuckle arrived this week and when she saw us she immediately hugged both of us and yelled, "the twins!" So nice to know that the members in Montreal know us now.

OKAY so the FUNNIEST thing happened yesterday. I was innocently breaking all my healthy eating goals in a moment of weakness and decided it was imperative that I go get something from the vending machines down on the ground floor (we are on the fourth floor). So as Sister Parsons and I are walking down the stairs, the cutest little 5ft 60-something year old lady with these big rimmed glasses starts walking down with us. Then suddenly, she states that she is tired of walking down these stairs and she immediately turns around, grabs hold of the banister, and begins to slide down every flight of stairs backwards. We DIED. She then proceeded to help us do it too, and showed us all the tips and tricks to comfortably slide down the banister.

I am really not sure what else happened this week.


Slovak Study, Artwork by me
haha, yesterday the starsi were sick, so it was just us sestri in class. Because the elders were gone, Brat Bateman decided to play a review game with us. AND WE KEPT SCORE. I've never been so happy in my life. I've forgotten how much I love to play games...and win them.

So my little spiritual moment of the week is mostly just that I have such a strong testimony of Christ. My favorite scripture that I have really come to find new meaning to is 3 Nephi 12: 8: And blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. (also found in Matt. 5). I don't think this scripture means to literally see god--But I know if you have a pure heart and righteous desires, He will make himself manifest to you! I have such strength and confidence in Him and am so grateful for Christ ever day. I truly have seen God in every aspect of my life and have become closer to Him and others around me through it. This gospel is too wonderful! I've honestly never been happier in my entire life.
Some of our zone!
A goodbye party for the Croatians and Serbians!

Love always,

Sestra Kalli Paige Abbott
(Also Dear Elders are always appreciated.)

P.S. I am becoming an ancient MTC inhabitant. Literally we are here for SO LONG. When people hear that we are starting our 6th week, they die.

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