Friday, August 15, 2014

First days at the MTC

Kalli with Debbie Miller (aka Sara's Mom) at the MTC on day two!
Hi family! Just a quick email to let you know that all is well and wonderful in the MTC! I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life--he is truly my constant companion! Well, besides my own companion, Sestra Parsons, who is amazing and so perfect! We get along so well and are so similar; we even have almost the same color of hair. Seriously I love her. She converted to the church 1.5 years ago! And is 20. And is from Montreal, Canada, of course. Her first language is french but she speaks perfect English.

I have to hurry and put this--Mom, I need you to send my two dates for my MMR shots to the MTC. Apparently I didn't put the first date in. If you could fax it that would be great. That's what they told me. ASAP aka before next Thursday.

AHH. Slovak is so great. And hard! But my teachers are great. We have three elders with us, although one is going to the Leeds, England mission speaking Slovak! (!) And four sisters--and we are all in the same room. It is so great. We are all learning together...I guess they haven't had slovak speakers in a long time! And we are the biggest group they have had yet.

I ate a mexican salad. Of my own free will. (it was gross)

But really I am eating healthy, even though it is only my second day. Right now things are kind of crazy because it is our first week, and the schedule is different, but it will be pretty routine pretty soon. It is crazy how much I have learned in the short time I have been here! Seriously! Slovak is going to be difficult, haha, we were laughing so hard in class today because our teachers aren't allowed to speak ANY english AT ALL and they were struggling so bad. He was trying to tell us the word for "prepare" and was miming a gun for some reason? We were so confused. "You have a gun?" "You're going hunting?" "Your mom has a gun?" We were dying of laughter he was so confused. And we all just go along with whatever he says. Dak, dak. Ano, Ano. When in reality we are all so confused.

AND ALL OF MY SESTRI SING!!!! ALL FOUR OF US! Today we were all singing Slovak hymns. No way we are pronouncing them right but the spirit was there, nevertheless. We are going to join the choir and maybe do some musical numbers. 

Also, you guys should use DearElder! Just look it up online and follow the directions because you can just type me a letter and they will print it out and bring it to me the same day. Haha there is this Elder from Wales going to Poland in our Zone and he has already received like 1000000000 letters. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration but seriously.

Haha, I had to pull my luggage up four floors and my arms are really sore. It is bad.

We have to teach our first Slovak tomorrow! hahahahha I am already laughing at the train wreck this is going to be. Ja som....Something that means laughing. You know, they said that I would only get five minutes but this is going a lot longer because there are less of us. Anyway, love to everyone. Good luck with the last week before school starts! 

AND SEND THE IMMUNIZATION RECORD sorry if we don't have a fax machine that's what they said to do.

Sestra Abbott

(Seriously I love the MTC. And this nametag is great haha. AND I am on the same floor as one of my best friends Ellis Benson from BYU and with the twins Dylan and Tate Wright (all polish speaking)! SO great but they are leaving on Monday. Aubrey and Emilee came and said hi to me yesterday too! I know SO many people. My companion and the other Sestri are just like, WOW Sestra Abbott YOU are popular. Haha Utah. That's all I have to say.)

P.S. Sestra Parsons got this HUGE package today from her friend who converted her (her family aren't members) and another little box, but it was so light! So we had to carry it to our residence, and I was carrying the huge box, and everyone was just staring at me and saying "Wow someone must love you." We had no idea what it was, but when we went back and opened it, there were all these helium-filled balloons! Kind of the best thing ever.

Okay, so long for now for reals this time.

Dovidenia again.

Sestra Abbott 

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