Friday, May 29, 2015

halfway through:(

First of all, before I forget, I forgot last week to say that when we were hiking all around to the radio tower and such, we were just hiking along our merry way, and I spotted a huge snake on the trail. I just about died. It looked like Verdi in that book with the snakes, you know? Called verdi? Yeah. It was ginormous. I just about died and the elders were actually paralyzed with fear and then Sister Russell was not afraid at all and scared it away so that we could cross the path. So that was just an incredible adventure here in the forest of Bratislava.

Second of all, what an incredible week we had! I love this work! Sometimes, most of the time, I completely forget that I am a real life missionary. Things just become so normal. We had an unusual day this week, where we just taught a lot of our members and inactives, and we never got to go out on the street and talk to people. I was a little depressed at the end of the day and I could not really figure it out. And then I was like, wow. We did not really find anyone new today. That is sad.

And then it hit me that when I get home, it is going to be like, the worst.

And then I rationalized that I could still do missionary work at home, so life will be good.

And then I had to press past my half way point, which was this week--because my mission is almost 19 months-- and that was at first a little depressing but we made the best of it. What is time??? Ahhhh

So, anyway. life is basically incredible. We talked to this polish girl on the street yesterday who felt like her life was miserable. She said her purpose in this life was just to survive. She hated being surrounded by people and said the only time she was ever happy was when she escaped her family in Poland. She was afraid to meet with us because she said her attitude rubs off on everyone she meets. She actually began to look up at us when we fervently testified of her divine worth as a daughter of God and her potential to become something great, now and after this life! The best part of it was when we asked, Is it possible that there is a God? And she said, Yes, I think it is possible. And when we asked why, she had the most unexpected response. She just held up her little hand and said, Look at this. Are we not just a little too perfect? Every detail and every little joint has a unique purpose. I think that there has to be some kind of bigger brain behind it all.

I love that girl.

We have been finding everyone who we have been planning for, which I think is really marvelous. There are always days in a transfer, where you find exactly who you planned for and teach them exactly what you planned, and those days are always like YES. I remember my first transfer, it was almost every day. And I am finding that this transfer as well, we find who we planned for every day! Whether it is a YSA boy with a shoulder bag, or a dad with his daughter, or an awesome close to nature guy, they always seem to "Coincidentally" wander into our paths. We are so blessed! I am telling you, the Lord is in this work. It is His work, and He will be a part of it if you allow him to be. He is the only person who can lead you to His elect and His prepared!

you might not recognize sister eggers is because she has a pinata on her head. hahahahaha
We had a unique experience this week to hold a New Beginnings for one special young woman in our branch. She is incredible! She draws better than any of us, and speaks russian, slovak, and some english. Sister Russell and I and Sister Cottle have basically taken over the Young Womens presidency here. What special sunday classes we have with her and what a wonderful New Beginnings it was! She keeps saying, "But I am the only one." And we remind her of the young women all over the world who are pressing forward with the same purpose and who have some of the same challenges! She is such an example for us. She wears her torch necklace every day and is not ashamed of the gospel! She is already preparing to serve a mission.

THEN we had the most amazing experience ever!! We got to go to Trenčin to have a little
rendezvous program celebration meeting thing with as many members in Slovakia and missionaries as could be there. We celebrated on that day, May 23, the 9th anniversary of Slovakia being dedicated for missionary work. We went on a little hike into the woods, to the same spot where Prezident Uchtdorf said the dedication prayer nine years ago. It rained a little but all was well. And then we went back to the church building and had homemade pinatas--super random, no purpose.--and the most delicious gulaš in the entire world. Ah. I love these Slovaks. I know I already ranted about them last week, but seriously, I could not have better examples. They are so rock solid! I loved more than anything having the opportunity to see people from Košice, even an investigator that Sister Parsons and I found, and feel the spirit of Slovakia. I seriously cannot express how much I love them.

Lastly, I made Borscht this week!! Thanks dad!! IT IS SO AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Best day ever.

Well, bye, dovidenia, majte sa, until next time,

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  1. Oms, ja na paparazzi fotkách vyzerám... raz vyzerám jak bez vlasov, potom jak kačka, úžasné :D