Friday, April 24, 2015

beautiful, beautiful Bratislava!

Hello everyone from beautiful, beautiful Bratislava! Spring has never been prettier. Of course, there was the day when it was 28 degrees celsius and then the next was 13. That was a little extreme, but for the most part, I am a happy, rain-jacketed, tights-free, short-haired misionarka!

What a crazy week here we had, with being in a trio for the first part, and getting Sister Parsons back to Košice with Sister Seninger to be in the area for a week, I feel like a mom carpooling everyone around! Kind of switched into my mom mode for a little while but now I am back to my normal immature self.

Speaking of which, I still have marshmallow cream leftover from my christmas package and made the BEST BROWNIES EVER last night!

One of the most influencial things that is happening to me is that I am literally LOVING THIS LANGUAGE. Slovak is literally the best language on the face of the entire planet. And I am not being dramatic. It makes so much sense, and is just really the most fun thing. I cannot pray in english anymore because I just love this language.

Some things that have happened.

Had a rockin contacting session as a trio (Besides the fact that we basically corner people). We
literally taught almost everyone who we stopped. First off, an amazing slovakish nativeamericanish man who was more religious than the world, invited us to come and help dish goulash at his events, and all that jazz. THEN hilariousness because we are contacting in the park, when we see someone getting their wedding photo. While becoming completely distracted by the beautiful bride for a moment, we hear a gunshot and marathon runners come parading through the park! We laughed so hard, and could hardly contain ourselves, so obviously we got some ice cream on our way to our next lession. Bomb diggity.

And slovak ice cream is literally the best thing on the whole planet.

We went to Stans garden this week, and I was so set on doing some actual work. Last time, he just had us sisters pick up trash around the yard because he said we were not strong enough to break the wood like the elders were, and those of you who know me probably know how I felt about that. SO after asking stan a million times and telling him I did 75 pushups that morning, he let me take a pickaxe and dig up a trail.


I am NOT as strong as I thought!

let me just preface and say, I really did an excellent job, but

 I am so sore!!

Next time I may give it to the elders.

Also, Sister Russell made me pizza last night.

I just love missionary work. I was sprinting for the tram this morning, and was just thinking, wow. This is seriously so awesome. I told Sister Russell as we were running, how are we so lucky? How are we so privelaged to serve the Lord every day? To teach these people? I feel entrusted with so so many people and love them more than anything. She thought I was insane.

I do not have much time this week, but can I just say how funny it was in conference when Elder Teixeira was listing habits and it sounded like Abbott every time? Just saying.

I love you and pray for you! I read Elder Scotts talk about scriptures from 2011 this morning and I just think everyone should read it. And make some new friends.

Sestra Abbott


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