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I just have to say, that guess what. The man in the duck vest, he did not come to church, right? Right. Well obviously that was really depressing, so I prayed for him and, then, on saturday, we get on the tram (Soooo much later than we had planned( and sit down, and look who is right literally across from me. I literally get this uncontrollable huge smile on my face, and he looks up with his eyes all wide, and basically just starts laughing and shakes his head while sister eggers yells, "ZNAMENIE!" So, he couldnt come to church, he wasnt going to be in Blava, BUT, we have a meeting with him TONIGHT so STAY TUNED FOR MORE DUCK VEST MAN.

Second off, there was an eclipse here this week!!!! What!! it was totally amazing! Luckily, Igor told us a few weeks ago that it would be on the 20th, so when we were moving church buildings and I came across an old floppy disk, I decided it would be a good thing to keep. AND IT WAS. We were so popular on the street looking at the sun with our little green floppy disk. Missionary service? Anyway it was super super awesome.

We had a great relief society activity this week, celebrating the birthday of relief society, for all the sisters in Slovakia-most people could not come, but that was fine- it was just really hilarious because we did a whole role play, in Slovak, of the founding of relief society, and Sister Družkova asked Elder Brousseau to play Joseph Smith and we just about died of laughter when they dressed him all up. It was really good though, and Sister Cottle shared some really amazing
relief society party
experiences about when she was in Relief Society, and as well, her Relief Society prezident back home in meridian Idaho sent all the slovak sisters a really sweet letter that we read and translated for her. It was a really wonderful experience.

Honestly I cannot think of anything huge that happened. Like, there are little miracles every day, but how am I supposed to write all of them? It is hard! One thing is that we are preparing one of our sweetest members to go to the temple this week for her endowments. She is going on a mission to Salt Lake in june! We are so excited for her. This week she got a little stressed because her sisters classmate bombarded her with anti material (something we came across a lot this week...but rather not talk about that(... and she came to us basically asking us to tell her everything. And we were just like. well. We do not know anything. But we do know the basics! And when you testify nobody can really argue with you! And it was so great. And really strengthened our testimonies that really, our faith is real unshakable.

Yesterday, I really had a touching sweet experience. When we were tracting, the sweetest little man
in a wheelchair just came up to us and started talking to us, he had a handicap, but he just needed someone to talk to. And I have to say that it was one of the times on my mission when I really felt like a real representative of Jesus Christ and really felt like I was doing what he would want me to do. The fifteen minutes where we got to talk to this little man were just wonderful. You could tell how much it meant to him, and he was asking us when we were going to come back, and if we were married, and all that jazz, but really, the spirit was so strong. Truly the Lord loves all of His children unconditionally.

Anyway......I am drawing a blank because this week went by so quickly! But this week, I am going to Trenčin on an exchange with Sister Seninger, and we have training here in Blava, and then a conference for all of slovakia here! So we are really excited and trying to prepare our new building and all. Yay! So exciting ahh.

Also, I really love Slovak. It is the best language ever.

Oh! I gave a talk on Sunday! I talked about families and mostly on family home evening, because, wow, have I received so many blessings from family home evening! Little did I know that "Rodinny Domace Večer" Was so hard to conjugate. haha. Oh well. It was good. Also I talked about the time when I put chili powder instead of cinnamon in the coffee cake, and the crowd was a little dead, and I was the only one laughing. And I was speaking. So....

But people said it was good still! Hahaha

Well, it has been real,

I will let you know how it goes with duck vest man,

Sestra Abbott
ps. went to the castle last week, but it was closed because we went too late. still have pics.

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