Tuesday, January 6, 2015

šťasteny novy rok všetci, želám si zdravia, radosti, jedlo, život.. (sorry for 90 spelling errors, you slovaci)


I am in love with this holiday. Besides the fact that everyone is smoking and drinking while lighting them, the fireworks are just so fantastic. And fireworks are literally my favorite thing ever.

The holidays really make the work interesting. Lots of food, less people. This week we are ready to get up and running and start teaching again but let me tell you about the holiday here (since it is all anyone is asking about..)

WELL new years was too fun. It is really just a party all day, all night here. They find any time to celebrate! New Years Eve is called Silvester, and I cannot tell you how many fireworks were going off. It was totally crazy. The kids have these fireworks that they just like throw at you and they are so loud and sound like gunshots...geesh. It was all still very exciting. We tried our hardest to work, but it is extremely hard to find people when no one is out! When we were finally going to the millers, there was one last woman on the street, and our work was technically finished for the day, but we both thought we should try for one more. She ended up giving us her number! Hooray for miracles.

We spent New Years eve at the millers (We had to be in at 530, then were able to go to our own apartment at 700), and they fed us hawaiian haystacks (HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO YUMMY) and then we had the opportunity to watch the Saratov Approach. Hahah I cannot tell you how many people have told me not to watch this movie but it was so great! I do not mean to frighten anyone when I say that, yes, that movie is almost exactly how it looks when we are doing missionary work here in Slovakia. We were dying at the beginning with the train scenes and the buses and the apartment buildings, and then the snow (yes! We now have snow!), and even the language! Amazing how much of the russian I was able to understand. Granted, there were subtitles. But still. Sounds similar. Looks similar. I am in the coolest mission ever. Anyway, it was not as scary as everyone says ,and basically just gave me confidence that if I ever get kidnapped, I would just convert whoever were my kidnappers. It would be so great.

THEN we got to go home. This is the best part of the story. We have the best view ever (I have sent
some pictures) and I am not kidding vôbec when I say everyone in all of Košice lit off fireworks at 0:00!!!! (yes we had permission to stay up. best mission ever) FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE! coming out of our neighbors windows! Right out our windows! It was like we were in a war zone! The whole city was on fire! We were dying. Our videos are pretty hilarious. We stayed on our balcony for a while even though it was really freezing cold because it was totally worth it.  And we ate crackers and cheese and lots and lots of chocolate. (Fudge! yummy!) I got about a gazillion pictures of the fireworks, but none of them do it justice.

Anyway, so it was really cool. Then literally nobody was out the next day but at least we met with Ernest! Haha. had to be in early still, but it was really great. Hahahah

So another thing that happened that was just funny was that our water got turned off but we did not know why..so we had no water and were a little stressed and a little while later we looked out the window and everyone from our building was going outside with pails and garbage cans and buckets and going to a truck that said water on it...haha so we figured we had to go get some as well. Literally was so funny that we had to go and fetch water. I wish I could have carried it on my head.
This story has no climax. They turned our water on that night. They were just doing something with the water heaters.

So yesterday was the most miraculous day ever. Po prvy, it snowed. And it was doing some kind of weird half snowing thing where sometimes it was a blizzard and sometimes it was not? Not really sure. But it was white and beautiful and we were going tracting in Tahanovce. Literally so wonderful. We were in a winter wonderland. We literally should have been in a missionary movie. So cute sister missionaries in this little cute village with a train, and freshly fallen snow everywhere, and the sun setting and making the sky purpleish, ah! So beautiful. Then we find this mom outside with her four year old son, making a snowman, carrot nose and all. We started talking to her, and it was so great. Sister Parsons distracted her son and shielded me from many snowballs (the child kept saying "Na Velky! Na Velky!" or, "on the bigger!" because I am taller hahaha and kept throwing snowballs at my back) while I was teaching his mother about the Book of Mormon. In beautiful falling snow. She was so interested and took it, gave us her number, and said she would read and that we could come back! we also talked to a second mom and gave her a pamphlet, and contacted and spoke with two other families. So great. Then we visited some formers who were home, and the whole day was just a wonderful miracle. Ah. Then we made the best halušky we have literally ever made (probably because we used twice as much bacon hee hee), and ate and were so contentedly happy. Košice is a land of miracles.

This week we invited two of our investigators (well, like two and a half) to baptism and they are both so close! Thinking about their dates. The work is hastening! I am excited for this week because we have a lot of people who are coming back from visiting their families that have promised to meet with us. yay!!

I love the gospel so much and am so grateful for everything I am learning. I feel like I am starting to feel the Spirit much differently than I have in the past. I feel much more directed and confident, and I feel many times like I am remembering something. Like deja vu but different. And I am sure it is because of the wonderful plan of salvation! truly, we lived with our Heavenly Father before this life and I love when I can testify of that to the people around me. I know that those same elect that led us in the premortal life surround us and only need that reminder to rise again as Gods chosen and elect people! I am grateful for every one of those elect that I meet here in Slovakia, and those who I am surrounded by at home.

I love and am grateful for každy z vás! Hurrah to those missionaries and love to those at home.

Dovidenia a sťasteny novy rok!

Sestra Abbott

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